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"Music is love in search of a word."  Sidney Lanier

Here are some samples of our various styles of music.  Since some of them were recorded at live performances using a little MP3 player as the recording device, the audio quality isn't the greatest; but, the clips are sure good enough to let you hear how we sound.  As we manage to put together some higher quality samples, we'll be sure to put them here on the website for you.  Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing--as we always say, it's all about the music.

Samples of our Native American style flute playing.

Brad and Keith flute and drum

Brad and Keith impromptu duet

Keith's flute solo 1

Keith's flute solo 2

Samples of some Celtic music we sometimes throw in just for fun.

Road to Lis Doon Varna

Irish Washerwoman

A taste of some of our Old Time Folk music.

Medley of Old Time Folk music

Southwind dulcimer solo

A little bit of Bluegrass music.

Cripple Creek

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