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Motorcycle Guy
By Evelyn Rawlinson

I love the way God sometimes works through those who serve Him. This is a story from my own life about one of those times.  

I was making my way to work one day and stopped behind a motorcyclist at an intersection we were both planning on crossing as soon as the cross-traffic cleared.  As the traffic cleared and the motorcyclist started to cross the intersection, his Harley died.  He restarted it, tried again, and again it died.  After unsuccessfully trying a couple more times, the white-haired gentleman pushed his bike to the curb to get off the roadway.  I rolled down my window and asked if he needed help.  He sheepishly admitted that he had run out of gas and asked if I could drive to the nearest gas station and bring him a gallon of gas.  I agreed. 

I didn't have a gas can with me, but the gas station attendant was kind enough to let me borrow one.  I filled the gas can and  climbed back into my car.  Sensing the opportunity to tell the motorcyclist about Jesus Christ, I dug through my purse to find a tract.  The first one I came across was entitled "Heart Trouble?"  I didn't think it really fit the situation, so I continued to search my purse for a  more generic tract.  Any other tracts I could find fit the current situation even less; so, I said "Okay, God, I guess he's getting this one."  I returned to the intersection where the gentleman was still waiting for me (not that he had much choice) and handed him the can of gas. 

As he poured the gas into his Harley, he asked how much he owed me.  I answered, " You don't owe me anything."  He continued to insist upon giving me some cash to at least cover the gallon of gas.  I handed him the "Heart Trouble" tract and told him that if he read this tract, I would consider us even.  He glanced at the tract and then stared at me in amazement.  "You're kidding!" he exclaimed,  "I just had quadruple bypass surgery and had a stent implanted!"  I went on to tell the man that if he would turn his life over to Jesus Christ, he would be taken care of.  The man slipped the tract into his back pocket, started his Harley and drove off. 

I realized later that the tract I had given this man had been sent to me as a sample by a Christian publishing company about 15 years ago.  This tract, that God had made sure was placed in my purse those many years ago, had apparently been getting shuffled around for over a decade waiting precisely for this exact time and for this particular man!  God's timing is always perfect and even though we cannot always see it, He plans and directs the paths of all those who love and serve Him just as he prepared me to give that specific tract to that specific man at that specific moment.  

If you love and serve God, always trust that He will provide you opportunities to tell others about salvation through Jesus Christ.  Be watching for those opportunities and then be sure to act on them.  When God provides you the chance to tell someone about His Son, Jesus Christ, don't waste the opportunity you have been given so serve your God.

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