Keith's Introduction

Hello, I'm Keith Rawlinson.  I created and maintain this site and I also write the financial articles you'll find here.  As you explore the finance-related articles, links and recommendations found on this site; you may sooner or later find yourself wondering:

Who is Keith to be giving me advice???

Fair question.  So, let me explain a little bit about why this site is here and why I feel it's okay for me to be giving financial advice.

First of all, I am a Volunteer Budget Counselor who specializes in consumer debt and family finances.  I have an Associates Degree in electronic technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Education, but no college degrees in finance.  Through Crown Financial, I took a correspondence course in budget counseling which was proctored by the pastor of my church.  I currently provide budget counseling as a free ministry through my church.  I have been providing counseling since 2004, and have taught several classes, group studies and seminars dealing with financial issues such as investing, debt elimination, and dealing with financial stress.  I continuously read about financial issues and listen to finance-related radio shows and podcasts in order to try to stay on top of the subject of finances as best I can.

Although the training I received through my correspondence coursework was immensely helpful, it certainly is not enough to qualify me to give much financial advice unless it is directly related to designing a family budget.  For that reason, I don't consider my training at Crown to be the biggest reason why its okay for me to be giving financial advice.  The most important reason for why I feel that it is okay for me to be giving financial advice is that...

I have followed all of the advice and taken all of the steps I teach, and have seen them work in my own life

I can attest firsthand that the things I teach truly do work, even though I really didn't come up with them.  Actually, all of the financial advice I give is based on financial concepts that have been around for thousands of years!  Through much effort and sacrifice, my wife Evelyn and I have managed to become completely debt free--and I do mean completely!  We first eliminated all of our credit card debt, then we got rid of our home equity loan, and just recently we paid off the balance on our home mortgage.  We have money set aside to deal with emergencies and we live by a detailed budget that we created and maintain ourselves.  We accomplished all of this using the very steps and advice I offer on the Financial Page of  I am not what most would consider rich.  I don't have a big house, a fancy car or expensive clothes; but I am debt free so whatever money I do earn is mine to spend.  I'm nothing special, so if I can do it then so can just about anyone else.

It hurts me to see people financially stressed.  I have seen financial stress destroy marriages.  I have seen  financial stress destroy family relationships.  I have seen financial stress destroy people's health.  And, on a daily basis, I see financial stress destroy futures.  I didn't want that to happen to me, my wife or my children, so I took the steps necessary to eliminate debt, do away with financial stress, and provide for a bright future and wonderful retirement some day.  The steps I took worked out so well for me, that I want to try to help as many of the financially-stressed people around me as I can so they can have the financial peace-of-mind that my family has.  That is why I feel I am qualified to be giving other people financial advice:  I learned the steps to take, I took them, and I have seen them work in my own life.  And before you ask, no, I do not have a six-figure income.  My income is right around the average in the United States for my level of education.  And for much of my life, my income was considerably less.  So trust me, I became debt-free by following the steps and advice I now give to others, not by having a huge income.

You will no doubt notice that throughout, there are a smattering of references to Jesus and God.  That is not my attempt to bring you to Jesus Christ, although I wouldn't mind seeing that happen, it is simply because my relationship with Christ is the most important thing in my life.  The things the Bible has to say about money still apply today and the Bible is where most of the financial concepts I teach actually come from.  Do you have to believe what the Bible teaches in order to become debt-free?  No, but  that is, nonetheless, the source of the concepts you'll need in order to accomplish it.

Becoming debt-free is not easy.  It takes considerable commitment and determination.  But despite the effort and sacrifice it took to become was so worth it!  I sincerely hope you will let me, and my website, help you to find the freedom in your life that I have found in mine.  If you personally feel that my qualifications are not adequate enough to be giving you financial advice, then you honestly should look elsewhere for financial guidance.  You simply should not take financial advice from someone unless you believe in, and trust them.  On The Financial Page, I am offering, at no cost, the concepts, techniques and financial guidance that I have learned over the years.  My feelings are not hurt if someone simply cannot accept the information I am passing along on The Financial Page; however, the concepts I used to become debt free have worked for me and for hundreds of others as well.  My job here on The Financial Page is simply to pass that information along in hopes of helping others.

God's blessings and a bright financial future,


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