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Have you heard about our Audience Participation?

Upon request, and at no additional charge, we love to throw some audience participation into our performances.  Back in the days before radio, television or recorded music, folks would get together, sit around on the front porch, and play for hours on whatever instruments they had or could make for themselves.  We have a whole big bag of simple percussion instruments that anyone, child to adult, can play.  At a live performance, we set aside some time to bring folks from the audience up onto the stage to play along with us.  When we play for the day, or are hired for parties, we often just set out all of the percussion instruments and invite people to grab an instrument, sit down and jam right along with us whenever they feel like it.  It's just like one of those old fashioned front-porch jam session from the 1800's.  Both children and adults love this unique part of our performance, and we love doing it.  It's all about the music, so the more people we can get involved, the better we like it!  If you would like audience participation to be added to your performance, just let us know.  And don't forget that there is no extra charge for audience participation--it's just a little old-time fun.