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If you have ever been targeted by The Castoff Band, we first want to apologize for showing up unannounced and uninvited.  We also want to thank you for putting up with our foolishness and allowing us the opportunity to play for you.  We sincerely hope you enjoyed the music.  If you've never been targeted, then you may be wondering...

What does it mean to be "Targeted" by The Castoff Band?

Well, from time to time, usually when we're bored or get tired of playing music just for ourselves, we choose a seemingly appropriate location, show up with our instruments, sit down and start playing for no reason.  It may be a public park, a street corner, a place of business, a public event, and from time to time even a private family gathering or party (especially if you hold it outdoors where we can see you).  Come to think of it, we might even show up at a garage sale or flea market.  You never know when or who we might decide to target because we don't even know!  Trust me, you'll know when you've been targeted.  We just plain old show up for no real reason and if you ask us why, or look a little confused, We hand you one of these:

You've been targeted flier.